Toscano Classico

Toscano Classico

Toscano Classico dates back to 1930, when it was introduced to the public and quickly found a place in Italian culture because of its unique character and enticing aroma. Toscano Classico has become a worthy heir of the classic Italian cigars, and provides a refined experience for those who favor the unique history of Toscano cigars.

History of Toscano Classico

Toscano Classico joined the ranks of Toscano cigars in 1930; a year that marks a definite improvement in the quality of the Kentucky tobacco in Italy. By the 1960s, fueled by the popularity of the Toscano Classico, the cultivation of the top leaves of Italian Kentucky, as well as the flame-curing treatment of the tobacco itself, had become an integral product of Italian agriculture.

Characteristics of Toscano Classico

Toscano Classico is a medium-strength cigar, which is characterized by its savory, slightly bitter flavor. It has become a mainstay of Italian culture due to its pleasant, classic taste and distinctive aroma, which contains notes of fresh earth, toast, and the aromatic oakwood used to flame-cure the rolled cigar. Toscano Classico is then aged for 6 months to further mature the flavor.

Fact Box

Box Contents: 5 Intero Cigars
Type: Full Cheroot
Strength: 4/5 Strong
Taste: Savory and Slighty Bitter
Aromas: Fresh Earth, Toast, Aromatic Wood
Pairings: Beer, Cordials, Structured White Wines, Light Red Wines
Storage Tips: 70% Humidity at 80F (26C)
Wrapper: Italian Kentucky
Filler: Blend of Italian and American Kentucky
Ring Gauge: 34
Release Year: 1930
Manufacturer Location: Lucca, Italy

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